Are you holding a Star Wars themed event? Would you like to be walked down the aisle by Stormtroopers? Can a host of Imperial Officers look menacing while you sell cookies? Whatever your event, we would love to assist you in making it that much more special!

Now, before you run off and click the request an appearance link, we have a few questions for you.

  1. Who would you like to troop your event?
    1. Don’t just say Storm Troopers and Darth Vader. Here at Neon City we not only have Storm Troopers and Vader, but we also have Snow Troopers, Elite Troopers, Biker Scouts, Tie Pilots, Tie Reserve Pilots, Bridge crew, Officers, Kylo Ren, Juno Eclipse, Director Isard, the Royal Guard, and a few others.
  2. What do you want us to do?
    1. Although we love to stand about taking photos, what else would you like us to do, can we interact with the crowd, walk you down the aisle, stand guard, dance at the disco (yes, even Storm troopers have moves!)…etc
  3. How long do you want us at your event?
    1. Remember kids get bored and we get hot, so be sensible with your requests!
  4. Will there be a secure changing area?
    1. It may surprise you but we do not drive to events in our armor, although if we could that would be awesome! So we need space to suit up and store our boxes, it also gives us a place to take breaks during the event, you would be surprised how hot it can get in a full suit of armor.

Once you can answer all of those questions, please select the request an appearance link and we will do our very best to fulfill your Star Wars dreams. Just remember that we are a volunteer organisation, and we all have daily lives, jobs, and family commitments, so we may ask for a little bit of wiggle room in your request.